Society feeds us with our flaws © 2016, Quiyet Brul


Earth-polluting Firework-constellations enjoyed by clapping eyes © 2016, Quiyet Brul


A dream can never be reached © 2016, Quiyet Brul


I fought civil wars in bed © 2016, Quiyet Brul


will people think of you after your death? for how long? will they remember it's your birthday five years from now? will they miss your smile and wit? will they see your eyes and hear your laughter in their sleep? will they feel you in the breeze when you become one with the air? for …


the taste of you still lingers on the back of my mouth all while feeling the traces of your fingers from my hair to my forehead down to my cheeks, and then slowly, very slowly, really slowly down my body where you grabbed everything as if you were picking cherries just to sell for your …

A Set of Eyes

Momma, I'm not pretty enough. I will one day be left behind Unwanted. Momma, I’ll never be able to express myself. I’m a balloon that loses its air unnoticeably. Emotionless. Formless. Lifeless. Momma, I am scared that all I will feel is devastation, brought on by the hurricane of emotions to which there is no …