the stars in the clear sky sing me a song soughing them in my ears we’re star-crossed ©2017 Quiyet Brul



the song echoes in the universe: i finally felt i belonged… (again) that i take up some space while taking up no space at the same time because have you ever thought how big space is? ©2017 Quiyet Brul


a song carelessly sung of how you’re both pleasure and pain as if my head is torn off powerless to think clearly as if a thousand fires ignite when we touch, unable to put out as if your tingling icy breaths freeze the time ©2017, Quiyet Brul


we are binary stars orbiting around each other ©2017, Quiyet Brul


before anything else you need to know that i wrote this for you for you and only you–– they will not get it; you are these words ©2017, Quiyet Brul


my first memory of you: i was three we were on the phone the night before our birthdays. i asked, tatay, ano po'ng regalo ninyo sa'kin? you laughed. you teased me. chocolate cake from the carabao, noy. *** it was seven in the morning i was in my favorite overalls just after i poo-poo and showered …


you'd leave everything, you said wasn't i your everything? ©2018, Quiyet Brul