payday (an excerpt)

“I have got to get out of here,” was my first impression of high school. I didn't know anyone in this school. “I need to go home where I could be myself,” I muttered as if I were Popeye while speed-walking to my first class. I was a quarter of an hour late. Who gets …


When I was a young boy, I constantly longed for a happy family: a complete one. Thoughts of unknown happiness occupied my head daily. I always wondered what it felt like to call someone my dad—especially when he was nothing more than a name. It was a nice day at the beginning of spring, and …


Even my own shadow left me at my darkest time © 2016, Quiyet Brul


Are your feelings for me real? ©2016, Quiyet Brul


I fought civil wars in bed © 2016, Quiyet Brul

A Set of Eyes

Momma, I'm not pretty enough. I will one day be left behind Unwanted. Momma, I’ll never be able to express myself. I’m a balloon that loses its air unnoticeably. Emotionless. Formless. Lifeless. Momma, I am scared that all I will feel is devastation, brought on by the hurricane of emotions to which there is no …

at night

I am like a three-year-old kid and he's the monster under my bed ©2016, Quiyet Brul