i dont want to

(as much as i want to remember i also want to forget because) i dont want to collect new memories because im only gonna seek past in the present and i dont want to converse with the echo of my voice and i dont want my pen to run out of ink but i also …


When I was a young boy, I constantly longed for a happy family: a complete one. Thoughts of unknown happiness occupied my head daily. I always wondered what it felt like to call someone my dad—especially when he was nothing more than a name. It was a nice day at the beginning of spring, and …


Are taking you your meds? Mom asks. As if taking these little things isn’t dehumanizing enough. As if taking them is as easy as it seems. As if they are working for me. As if I will ever get better. As if I will ever stop envying people who envy me because apparently suffering is …


here you can see quiyet accepting the fact that he’s psychologically and emotionally unstable like many other people. // here you can see quiyet with his eyes closed but beneath those eyelids is a movie screen that plays intrusive scenarios on repeat. // here you can see quiyet alive but haunted by his ghosts in …


Is numbness an actual feeling --or the lack thereof? ©2016, Quiyet Brul


my phone forgot your name my heart thinks otherwise (one of which stopped ringing) sometimes i’d let my phone die, and i envied it.


Even my own shadow left me at my darkest time © 2016, Quiyet Brul


It does not live in me; it is the color that never left me and the color I see when I close my eyes. © 2016, Quiyet Brul

into the light

They clamorously shout, “Do not go into the light!” But I am foolishly attracted the way Moths make love to Fire © 2016, Quiyet Brul


Never ever try writing a poem past midnight; you will drown with million thoughts. © 2016, Quiyet Brul