through you

I’ve caught your eyes kissing my flaws But you as a whole is transparent and all I could see is Him © 2016, Quiyet Brul


Loneliness has always been her only companion. There was no one around, no one to eat with— all she could do was clean her house occasionally, eat, and wash the damn dishes. Washing these dishes remind her of how sensitively delicate her hands were. She paused for a good while, with her hands holding a …

like || love

I like you to the point where the wall that parts Like from Love is indistinguishable So, I guess I love you © 2016, Quiyet Brul

at night

I am like a three-year-old kid and he's the monster under my bed ©2016, Quiyet Brul


I tried to reach and reach and reach and now what? ©2016, Quiyet Brul

|   Parallel Lines |

Parallel lines have so much in common It’s a shame that they would never meet If somehow they met and overlapped just once, would they be inseparable Or would they grow apart farther? Parallel lines that do not meet are much better At least they grow together side-by-side forever © 2016, Quiyet Brul


The stench of our sweat dancing through the air choreographed by the slow rising and falling of our chests to the synchronized beats of our hearts and the harmony of our clenched fingers playing piano on our skins makes our hips clap harder along with the classic cheering of the gasps we make But tonight …