i dont want to

(as much as i want to remember i also want to forget because) i dont want to collect new memories because im only gonna seek past in the present and i dont want to converse with the echo of my voice and i dont want my pen to run out of ink but i also …


i miss you the way summer misses rain a desert in drought still waiting sparsely halting a vast land begging for you to come © 2017, Quiyet Brul

daily routine

I want to be lulled by the melody of your snore feel the cold damp of your drool on the pillow the warmth of your arms around my tiny waist wake up to the kisses you plant on my cheek then make some eggs and bacon and sausages and drink coffee or tea or just …


The touch of your hands so soft and gentle constantly remind me that you're real ©2017, Quiyet Brul


I was found in the deepest, darkest corner of the earth despite it not having any giving me hope to live to love to see the light pass this dark, lonely, cold place And then I saw the light it was blue When I’m with you it's brighter, like the sky in the mornings showing …


my phone forgot your name my heart thinks otherwise (one of which stopped ringing) sometimes i’d let my phone die, and i envied it.


The stench of our sweat dancing through the air choreographed by the slow rising and falling of our chests to the synchronized beats of our hearts and the harmony of our clenched fingers playing piano on our skins makes our hips clap harder along with the classic cheering of the gasps we make But tonight …