an excerpt of a story i am writing: iii

I like maths. I have a really quirky way of doing maths, though. When adding numbers, for example, many others add numbers with their hands or with a tally, top to bottom. However, I do it very differently, especially when adding huge numbers. Let's add 584, 316, 245, 655, 323, and 127 for instance. First, …


an excerpt of a story i am writing: ii

Anyway, my friend’s name was Ana. When I didn’t have a traditional #2 pencil that day, I whispered to her asking if she had another pencil she could lend me because I didn’t have one. Looking back, I probably looked funny to her when I mouthed that I needed to borrow a pencil. I wonder …


The world had been sad these past few days, and the meadow and the depressed sky merged into one great grey scheme to meet the calm eternal flow of the babbling brook that mirrored the erect lifelessly bare trees; the enfeebled light was struggling to break through the warlock-black clouds, and our conjoined shadows were …


flowers learn to grow to wither © 2017, Quiyet Brul


Sometimes our homes aren't safe zones ©2016, Quiyet Brul


Silence is what you responded with ©2016, Quiyet Brul


Are your feelings for me real? ©2016, Quiyet Brul