everything reminds me of you.
the stereo in my car
the windows rolled down
the horizons lit up
where your eyes would be the fairest.

i remember familiarizing your kisses:
your tongue dominates mine;
your soft lips travel from mine
to my cheeks down to my neck.

i remember composing this:
with every word i transcribe
i keep seeing your face. so gorgeous
i want to engrave it on something eternal
but my memories will do…for now
even though it has been fading so much lately

now, i drive in silence
the windows. shut.
the heavens. unlit.
the lips. chapped.
the words. faceless.
the memories. faded.

i remember begging to the stars:
spark once more

i remember howling to the moon:
set so the sun can rise sooner

i remember taking up space while taking up no space,
feeling dead and alive all at once

i remember being alone

i remember

a post scriptum:
i hope this serves as
an eternal reminder
how you shattered me

©2017, Quiyet Brul


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