The chronometer irradiated a chromatic red light that reflected seven-eleven on the jet-black side table Shit now I only have god knows how long to get ready He hurriedly hulk-smashed his pillow aside, freed himself by kicking his sheath-shackle to drift mid-air and then hastily whooshed it onto the bedstead. He unclothed his way to the bathroom, eyes half-shut, still striking the air with his third leg. Upon arrival to the bathroom, he ran the hot water then loitered on his throne.

How do alligators run Their little feet go flap flap that is so cute but my shower is cuter it doesn’t get fucking hot and I am late as fuck

Keith made sure that his phone shuffled music, and then hurdled into the shower that spat cold water. The little virility left in him wrinkled and shrunken to a microscopic level. Freshness,

he thought. The physical retaliation upon awakening simmered Okay shower you don’t have to be this hot Lifeless, he figured.

When you feel my heat Look into my eyes It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide Don’t get too close It’s dark inside They are like T-Rexes, just with tiny arms and legs and less scary I wonder how it’s like if they ran in their hind legs The alligators I mean They can certainly not walk on their forelegs Their snouts would get scratched Can I boop their snouts?

It’s where my demons hide It’s where my demons hide

7:47 AM Did I flush?

8:43 AM Keith recited one of his poems in his advanced creative writing class. A poem about a person 1 who plays someone as if they were a stoic puppet, an inanimate object without any emotion.

Any comments or questions? the professor asked. Crickets chirp. A water gulped. A beat of a heart. A comment was made. It was from the instructor, improvising to make it less awkward. Keith did not understand a word; all he could do was nod.

10:02 AM All right, smiling immaculately. The question for today is: if you were to have a superpower, what would it be? I have been watching The Flash so I guess super speed but that sounds lame I want my answer to sound cool The pupils created small talks concerning which power they should possess; Keith marveled how his doppelganger was doing in the parallel universe, or anywhere in the multiverse where he exists. Is he him in Earth-2? In Earth-3? How about in Earth-54? Just to let you guys know, some of the answers can be creepy, she gawked at her class, shooting an it look. All right. Let’s go. Sarah?

Invisibility. Okay, that is one of the creepy ones. The class sounded hysterical, similar to the audio played in a 90s comedy show. No, not like watching someone naked. None of that, she claimed while laughing. Not like robbing a bank or something.

You just made it super creepy. I meant like to go to concerts for free. Ah, that makes it valid! But then that reminds me of the Invisible Boy from the Home of Peculiar Children. All right, she said chuckling.

Fuck I am next— Keith? Speed, I gobbled on my spit Dear god I sound like Channing Tatum saying Jeff Say it again? Speed. Super speed? Nice! The professor called another name but Keith was too distracted with how lame his superpower was. The professor couldn’t care less. He pondered what other superpowers there are and how lame his choice was. He thought of controlling things. If he were to possess such power, he could control people, the time, everything—to reverse his father’s death.

Okay it’s not that lame Chaye? Mind reading Okay that is creepy as fuck If two mind readers read each other’s mind whose mind are they reading Whoever reads the other’s mind first would think why is this person thinking this and that and then all of these thoughts echo to the other mind reader and then back and forth Do they hear just static Like when you put a microphone near a speaker Or the mind that is smarter and louder wins Do their brain cells explode from this Endless loophole— —when a reader reads another reader then which reader is reading which reader ha say that fast five times

His left sock creased inside his shoe. He tried moving his toes to fix it without taking his shoes off If this doesn’t work, I’ll just try to have my other sock crease so it doesn’t bother me In fifth grade I had a seatmate who took her shoes and socks off and her feet nails were hella long

and had dark things underneath and it was gross When they are really long they start to curl I know but not if they are feet nails They still curl Not as much Hers were straight She can kick and stab someone at the same time

11:21 AM Hi, do you need help? Are you lost? No, I am not lost. I go here. Thanks!

12:46 PM Daylight savings is an example how fake time is. Such an illusion.

©2019, Quiyet Brul

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