not part of the collection

when i was writing this sequence, questions about the primary reason why margarette ended the relationship with the lover prematurely were raised, but the thing is that there was no apparent reason why she did what she did. it will always be a mystery to the lover. i’ve also asked myself when will margarette have a voice in the sequence––she won’t have any. she does not speak. she neither sees or hears, let alone feels. and, her silence echoed the loudest in the spaces in between. the lover, on the other hand, does everything in his power to win her back and ever since he was left behind, margarette was always in his mind, but all of these are invisible to her. the lover sings her name, but there is no sound in between him, the spaces left behind, and her. and, his songs became his silence.

but, the lover deserves someone so much better. the lover is finally ready to let go. the lover is finally ready for his healing. this is his final goodbye.

©2017, Quiyet Brul

any thoughts?

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