i know you asked to have some time alone by and for yourself, but i am selfish. and i need you because i fucking love you, and i feel so empty without you. i learned to love myself when i started loving you. more and more. but i feel like i’ve fallen into a void since the last time we’ve talked. i can’t keep my distance from you. i can’t keep not talking to you. i’d rather have the night we last talked on repeat. i’d rather have you shatter me into dust over and over again.

you are an amazing person. you became my happiness, and i depended on you too much. you became the reason why i want to get up in the morning just so i can tell you good morning, and one of the reasons why i am fighting through my depression. you became my world.

i love you, and i just hope you’re doing well until you find yourself again. i am still hoping, and i will keep waiting for you to come back until you tell me to stop.

i miss you and i am really sorry for everything.

i wish your day to go well.

©2017, Quiyet Brul

***i am only posting fragments of this poetry collection as i am planning on continuing to work on and then self-publishing Margarette. i have been working on this collection for quite some time now, and i hope you enjoy how i’ve poured my heart, soul, and sweat on each clichéd piece.***

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