an excerpt of a story i am writing: iii

I like maths. I have a really quirky way of doing maths, though. When adding numbers, for example, many others add numbers with their hands or with a tally, top to bottom. However, I do it very differently, especially when adding huge numbers. Let’s add 584, 316, 245, 655, 323, and 127 for instance.

First, I write them from the highest number to the lowest while leaving extra spaces between ones, tens, and hundreds: 6 5 5, 5 8 4, 3 2 3, 3 1 6, 2 4 5, 1 2 7. Then, I separate the ones into multiples of five. So, I take the fives from 655 and 245 to make my first ten, then the 4 from 584 and 6 from 316 to make another 10, and then 3 from 323 and 7 from 127, which all adds up to 30. This means I have 0 for ones and an extra 3 on tens.

I then repeat the steps for when adding the tens. I add the 3 from 30 to the 2 from 323 to make a 5, which I then add to the 5 from 655 to make a 10, 8 from 584 and 2 from 127, and 1 from 316 and 4 from 245, which all sums up to 25. This means I have 0 for ones and 5 for tens, and then I have 2 for the hundreds.

Sometimes, I also like to mix it up depending on the numbers. Since more numbers are divisible by three in the hundreds place, I’d do the addition by threes. So, I first add all the threes. I add the 2 from 25 from earlier to the 1 from 127 and then to the two threes from 323 and 316 to make a 9. I then add the 6 from 655 to make a 15, and since we’re back to the fives, we then add 5 from 584 to make a 20 and then add the 2 from 245, which adds up to 22. This means I have 22 on both thousands and hundreds place, 5 on the tens, and 0 on the ones, which means the total sum is 2250.

Read the first part here.
©2018, Quiyet Brul

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