an excerpt of a story i am writing: ii

Anyway, my friend’s name was Ana. When I didn’t have a traditional #2 pencil that day, I whispered to her asking if she had another pencil she could lend me because I didn’t have one. Looking back, I probably looked funny to her when I mouthed that I needed to borrow a pencil. I wonder what she thought then, but I know for sure that the teacher was looking at us and probably thought that we were sharing answers. But, I really just needed a pencil because I didn’t have a traditional pencil, and all I had that day was a #2 mechanical pencil with .05 led, which I’d use for drawing. And also, how could we have been sharing answers when she had just passed out the exams and scantrons? Also, I was so surprised that I didn’t have to pay to take the exam because I had to pay for the exam papers back in my home country, which didn’t make sense because I went to a public school.

But the point is that Ana and I weren’t sharing answers with each other, and I was just asking for a spare of pencil she could lend, which she said she didn’t have any, but she found this used pencil on the table next to her. It was a pencil with a printed princess character in a blue and red gown on a pink background with its dirty white eraser. I remembered that we were taking an exam, and I was losing time to answer the 45 questions to notice minutiae details, so I just thanked her and started the exam. I was sure the teacher stopped speculating that we were sharing answers because I was just asking for a spare of pencil Ana could lend me.

I never liked using pencils. Well, I liked sharpening pencils but not using one, and that’s just about it because it’s like peeling apples or oranges, but I don’t like oranges because it is almost the same color as brown and brown is the color of poo. But anyway, I preferred using pens more than pencils because I feared some mean person would take my notes away from me and diligently erase each letter and marking. With pens, you’d have to either use a white-out, which is like a white paint in a little container with a little brush or a nib, or rip the paper into pieces and then burn them, but you could never erase it, which was a relief because I noticed that most of the other kids only carried pencils and erasers and I was sure that anything that could start a fire was not allowed in school. Except of course if you were a chemistry teacher, then you’d need something to light up those burners. Also, pens last longer, and I didn’t have to use an eraser — just strikethrough the word, but I guess I could do the same with pencils. I only carried pencils because the teacher required them and also because I liked sharpening pencils, which was good because I’d have to stand up and walk to the trash bin, which was extra good for my blood circulation. Oh, and most #2 traditional pencils are yellow, and the color yellow is half of the color orange.

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©2018, Quiyet Brul

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