A Letter To Someone Who Wants To Forget About Their Home Country:

How does one grow to despise the country they grew up in?

It’s so unfortunate to know people who swore they’ll never go back to their native country to retire nor visit. Every country has its beauty and its let downs.

You might be living in the most beautiful and most economic affluent country yet there’ll always be crimes and poor areas that you don’t want outsiders to know, right?

But will you go as far as berating your native country simply because you didn’t like the way you lived there?

You grew up there. You made friends there. You went to school there. The history and the culture of that country helped hone you. You are you because of the experiences you had while growing up there.

I know you probably have a better life, now that you immigrated to a different country but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re still the person who was born in a different country with a different culture. Sure, you probably think differently now and you probably interact with people differently now too but you’re still that person who came from a different country.

Don’t drag the people down who would love to learn about your native country and even visit it, simply because you didn’t like your experience there.

Everyone is different. You might not have liked your country but there are still tons of people who, like you, would rather leave their home country and find a new country that they can call home and it might just be your home country.

© 2016, Lyra Jazmin

any thoughts?

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