It’s a huge word, innit?


A noun.

A feeling.

An addiction.

An infatuation.

January 21 Wednesday 9:54pm

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick.

I have been laying in my bed, staring at the clock hanged on my plain white wall. My eyes clapped twice as fast as the clock, arms clutched closer to my body pillow.


The illumination of the lamp on my nightstand had gradually dimmed.


Everything turned into black. I shut my eyes. A second… A minute… The formation of the bed changed. I felt arms slowly creeping onto my scrawny waist, pulling me closer. I could feel the warmth of the person’s breath. Closer. And closer. And warmer.


I opened my eyes and found a tall man with bright blue eyes lying next to me.

John. A Caucasian, beer-bellied New Yorker I met online. He was looking directly into my dark pupils surrounded with dark circles with his sparkling bright blue eyes.

Tock. Tick. Tock.

He was saying something I could not understand. Mumbling. Whispering. Now shouting!  His eyes welled.

His. Bright. Blue. Eyes.

The bluish-green markings of his veins popped out on his pale neck. “I cannot understand you,” I told him, though it seemed as if he did not hear me… or worse: understand me.

He kept shouting, eyes reddened. Spit missiles launched.

After a minute or two that felt days, he calmed down.  I asked, “How are you here?” As he was about to answer me, he disappeared like a dream bubble that had just popped.

The walls. White.




A big thanks to all of my friends and fellow writers who shared their experiences about obsession!

PS. I will be posting parts of this short story throughout this year.  This short story will not have a specific plot, as it will be somewhat based on people’s actual obsessive experiences.

Click HERE to read part 2.

© 2015, Quiyet Brul

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