January 31 Saturday 5:32pm

“You’re sexy,” John sent a Snapchat. I could not help but rip my face with an overwhelming ear-to-ear smile. I began to think of us making out, my mind wandering with  thoughts about our lips moving against each other along with the sounds of our desperate gasps.

We were walking his dogs Marleen and Edgar in the park, our hands intertwined. It was winter, yet I had a three scoop of cookies-n-cream ice cream in my free hand. John stopped walking, our hands became just mine.  I kept my pace but when I looked back, he was not there anymore. The coned ice cream in my left hand was soon replaced by my phone.

It vibrated again–my phone–which gave my tiny hands pleasure. I unlocked the screen. 0. 5. 1. 4. My Galaxy S3 loaded Snapchat again

–It was a private picture  of his lifeless member lying on his lower abdomen, between his cum gutter.

–only to remember that my phone had been on airplane mode for hours.

I continued listening to Adele’s new single “Hello.”

A big thanks to all of my friends and fellow writers who shared their experiences about obsession!

PS. I will be posting parts of this short story throughout this year.  This short story will not have a specific plot, as it will be somewhat based on people’s actual obsessive experiences.

Click HERE to read part 1.

© 2016, Quiyet Brul

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    1. You are welcome 🙂 The event takes place every friday.Just message in one of the pages and Carolina will let you know more about it 🙂 She is very nice


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